Hymn to all gods (№2)

What follows is my own translation of Rig Veda Mandala 1 Sūkta 90. The final lines of this verse are well-known and well-loved as they feature in one of the Śānti Mantras. The repeated reference to honey (madhu) also seems to be picked up on later in the Madhu-vidyā section of the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad.

The hymn follows directly on from Sūkta 89 which I published here, and is a continuation in some sense of that by our old friend Ṛṣi Gotama Rāhūguṇa, continuing his praise of all the gods. In making this translation, I again consulted the translation and notes by Professors Stephanie Jamison and Joel Brereton, and also the translation by Prof. Ralph Griffith, both of which I found to be enlightening.

Let Varuṇa and Mitra lead us with correct moral guidance
And Aryaman with the gods

For, they, wealthy, possessors of wealth, [and] very wise,
Protect the laws always

Let them grant shelter to us, the undying to the dying,
Driving away the hostile

Let them pile up our path to fortune — Indra [and] the Maruts,
Pūṣan, Bhaga, the praiseworthy

With our thoughts [excelling as if] led by cows, O Pūṣan, O Viṣṇu, horse-rider
Let us be well

Honey blows the wind; honey runs the river;
Let herbs be honeyed for us

Honey the night and honey the dawn; honeyed the earthly atmosphere;
Let father heaven be honey for us

Honeyed for us the forest-tree; let the sun be honeyed;
Let cows be honeyed for us

[Let] Mitra [be] good to us; [let] Mitra [be] good to us
[Let] Indra [and] Bṛhaspati [be] good to us; 
[let] wide-striding Viṣṇu [be] good to us

Vedic Sabha — Wikimedia Commons (Reubenveersolomon)

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